Power your Franchise with AI
Unleash Franchise Success: Sales, Onboarding, and Support Powered by AI. Propel Your Growth with Effortless Collaboration and Seamless Onboarding through Franchisely!
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Your Booking Rate
Your Conversion Rate
Annual Cost Savings
Embrace the Future: Samantha AI's Impact on Your Franchise
Samantha AI is an advanced scheduling assistant powered by GPT-based technology.
How it works
By leveraging text messaging interactions, Samantha engages with leads and offers convenient meeting options for scheduling.
With automated calendar invites, Samantha streamlines the meeting booking process, saving time and ensuring timely connections with potential prospects.
Sell: Cultivate and Convert Franchise Leads
Seamlessly track leads to stay on top of your sales pipeline.
Save time, improve lead engagement, and double your conversion rate!
Automate marketing campaigns for efficient lead generation.
Monitor and store signed FDD receipts and Franchise Agreements for smoother franchise operations.
Supercharge your Sales

Operate: Drive Onboarding Excellence

Simplify onboarding procedures to ensure consistency across your franchise network.
Seamlessly engage with Franchisees through our simple and intuitive mobile interface.
Set email reminders for tasks to ensure timely completion and smooth operations.
Centralize document management within the directory for easy access and organization.
Directory: Comprehensive System of Record
Efficiently manage and organize files associated with franchisees and project templates.
Maintain records of Sales and Operations in one place.
Access franchisee contact information, activity logs, and engagement with the platform.
Ensure Franchise Compliance